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“Sriracha Green Point Group Co., Ltd (SGPG) is the leading pioneer company service provider. We offer an absolute complete range of service.”



“To be the most unique and trusted company service provider with high quality, high standard, and high satisfaction of services” This mission has been adopted by our founder and executive teams to maintain all staff to operate services with high determination for over 27 years.

    Our company growth and product line expansion are fully supported and inspired by all clients. This made us become one of the leading company service providers in the Eastern Region who serves a complete range of services to our clients ranging from small corporations to Industrial Estate.
We provide clients with Transportation Service, Logistics Service, Cleaning Service, Gardening Service, Security Guard Service, Manpower and Employment Service, and Landscape Design.

    Sriracha Green Point Group Co., Ltd (SGPG) deeply appreciates all clients who have supported and trusted us persistently. We are committed to operating all services effectively. We sincerely receive all complaints and compliments for our service development in order to fulfill clients’ satisfaction accurately. We also truly hope that all clients, both loyal and prospective clients, would support us kindly and provide us with an opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your consideration of Sriracha Green Point Group as your company service provider.

Our History

Sriracha Green Point Group Co., Ltd (SGPG) was established in 1993. Our firm made an effort and determination to provide high standard quality services and impressive results of our services. According to our determination and plenty of great opportunities from our clients, SGPG has positively thrived at the beginning from a small gardening care service or a small utility to a company service provider.
Our services are expanded respectively from Gardening Management, Cleaning Service, Special Contracting Service Transportation Service, Logistics, Security Guard Service, to Manpower and Employment Service. Eventually, we have become one of the leading company service providers in the Eastern Region of Thailand which is a trusted professionals’ service provider and known for our reliability by local clients and international clients over 400 corporations. Importantly, our company is very proud to have achieved the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards related to quality management systems.

Authorized Investment Fund

50 Million Baht

Our branch

20/38 Moo.4, Ban Kao Sub-district, Phan Thong District, Chon Buri 20160 Thailand


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