We have been a part of company service providers for over 27 years in order to meet companies’ requirements with our full services.

Sriracha Green Point Group Company Limited has been serving as a company service provider for over 27 years.
We were established in 1993 in order to provide professional services for corporations, industrial estates, and government agencies.

We provide a complete range of full services called Total Support Solution (TSS) which fulfill all company requirements of several corporations and accommodations.

Green & Clean

Floor Cleaner

Green & Clean Floor Cleaner (Acid Bathroom Cleaner) effectively removes hard water deposits, rust limescale, dirt soap scum, and other dirt stains on the floor, wall, and sanitary ware.

Cleaner and Deodorizer

Multi-purpose liquid intended to clean various surfaces including floor, wall, ceiling, bathroom, and other wet areas.

This efficient cleaner cleans dirty stains, oil stains, faucets, and rusted stainless steel (using Scour Pads) and polishes surfaces for sanitary ware.

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